Tough On Plaque Yet Gentle On Gums

What Is A Sonicare Toothbrush?

You’re probably familiar with electric toothbrushes — you can buy one with a head that rotates at any drugstore. Sonicare leaves those oscillating brushes behind, using sonic wave technology to vibrate as many as 30,000 cycles per minute to break down plaque, making it easier to brush away.

Why Does Dr. Jarvis Recommend Sonicare?

A Sonicare brush is a fantastic addition to any oral hygiene routine, but because these brushes are so gentle on the gums, we particularly recommend it for patients with sensitive gums or gum recession, or for those with a tendency to brush hard. They are also excellent for anyone over the age of 40, because they are excellent at blasting food out of deeper gingival pockets (the spaces between teeth and gums).

How Can I Get One?

Because we’re such firm believers in Sonicare toothbrushes, we offer this brand of toothbrush to our patients at our cost. If you’re interested, call (406) 257-5696 or email us so we can help you improve your daily hygiene routine with an electric Sonicare toothbrush.