We love our patients SNOW much!

Like snowflakes our patients are all unique. Some touch our hearts with their bravery and willingness to overcome fears. Some bring their humor, leaving us smiling all day. Others inspire us with their determination to improve their dental health. Our patients are SNOW cool!

New Team Members

We recently added two new team members to our GNDC team! We’re excited to welcome Georgia and Jessica! Both have many years of experience in dentistry and love helping patients get the treatment they need.

Patient Care Coordinator Job Opening

Dr. Jarvis and Great Northern Dental Care need a full-time patient care coordinator. This position is front desk – answering phones, greeting patients, and scheduling, and coordinating patient care. If you would like to be part of a fun, detail-oriented dental team, please email your resume to lynette@GreatNorthernDentalCare.com Dental experience would be super helpful, but […]

“Deer” Friends…

Apparently mama needed a little break. These cute little guys have been hanging around all morning while mama is off getting stuff done.

Best of the Flathead 2021

The results are in. We’re in the top 3 again! Thanks for voting Flathead Valley. We have the best patients!

Dental Fees

We often hear, “dental care is too expensive!” As crazy as it sounds, the monthly amount needed to run a typical dental office could support a family for a whole year! At Great Northern Dental Care, we strive to provide excellent, state-of-the-art care while keeping our fees within 60-70% of the local and national average. […]

Nancy Cawdrey Art

We’re so excited to show off our new acoustic art! Each exam room is sporting a different piece from Nancy Cawdrey’s Forever Glacier collection. https://nancycawdrey.com/paintings/forever-glacier-project/