Our Favorite Charities

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We have so many amazing charities and volunteers in the Flathead Valley. We feel especially passionate about the Montana Food Bank and Flathead Food Bank. Hunger is right up there with tooth pain. It’s no fun, it’s not healthy, and no one should have to suffer like that.


Unfortunately, 1 in 10 Montanans struggle with hunger and 37,000 children live in food insecure homes. The Montana Food Bank works in conjunction with the Flathead Food Bank providing over 8 million meals each year. Their mission is to end hunger through food acquisition and distribution, education, and advocacy. They also partner with 166 agencies across Montana to provide food to those in need.


There are so many ways to help. You can donate money, donate food, or donate your time. If you enjoy hunting and find yourself with extra wild game this year, donate it. The Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks has partnered with the Montana Food Bank allowing hunters to donate part or all of their legally harvested wild game completely free of cost to the donor at local participating meat processors. Don’t you love Montana?


Every year, Great Northern Dental Care donates to both the Montana Food Bank and Flathead Food Bank. Mention our matching program and we will donate a percentage of the cost of your treatment to the food bank. It’s a win, win and you’re helping feed Montana!

Great Northern Dental Care -