Cosmetic Dentistry

Regaining Confidence in Your Smile

Smiling with confidence feels great and is an essential social and professional asset, yet many people avoid showing their teeth in public or in photographs because they don’t like what they see. If that sounds like you, then you might be a great candidate for treatment with a cosmetic dentist.


Our doctors understand that your smile is part of who you are and your identity. Your smile is one of the first things that people notice about you. We at Great Northern Dental Care look forward to serving cosmetic patients located in Kalispell, MT, as well as the surrounding areas.

What Is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is a type of dentistry that focuses on improving the aesthetics of your smile. If you find yourself uncomfortable with your smile and sometimes stop yourself from smiling then cosmetic dentistry is something you should consider. Here at Great Northern Dental Care, we provide a wide array of cosmetic dental services.


After a quick consultation, the dentist will be able to suggest cosmetic dental procedures that will not only you feel comfortable with your smile but will also help strengthen your teeth so that your smile can last your entire lifetime.

We’re grateful to have so many options available for our patients! Together, we can help you come up with a plan that works for you. Dr. Jarvis can repair teeth that are stained, discolored, worn, chipped, broken, misaligned, misshapen, missing, or have gaps between them. His approach is conservative and artful, while retaining as much of your natural tooth structure as possible. We believe strongly in patient choice. It’s your mouth, it’s your life, and at Great Northern Dental Care, it’s your choice.

Common Questions:

Sometimes people experience uncomfortable tooth sensitivity with in-office power whitening systems such as Zoom! That’s why Dr. Jarvis recommends at-home whitening with custom trays. You will love the custom whitening trays that we can make for you! With your own custom trays, you control how long and how often you whiten. Also, your trays can last for years, giving you an inexpensive, lasting way to keep your smile white and bright.

We also offer a more affordable option. Sheer White Strips include 10 strips or five full-mouth applications. You’ll see noticeable results after just five applications!

Removable clear aligners are ideal for correcting crowding and rotation. Veneers can also address issues of spacing or minor crowding. Dr. J. can help you choose a solution that works for your smile and your budget.

Bleaching is effective on natural tooth structure, but it isn’t effective on fillings, crowns, or veneers. It’s important to make sure you are happy with the shade of your teeth before beginning any other cosmetic treatment in your smile zone.