Comfort Options

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Oral conscious sedation is another, more moderate form of sedation that’s ideal for patients who suffer from dental-related anxiety or who are in need of multiple, time-consuming procedures.

Dr. Jarvis will give you a prescribed medication at the beginning of your appointment. Once the effects take hold, you should enter a deep state of relaxation. In fact, many patients don’t even remember their visit.

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Local Anesthesia & Sedatives

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Despite our best efforts, many people need a little extra help relaxing during dental treatment. Great Northern Dental Care offers nitrous oxide sedation (laughing gas).

Patients breathe in the nitrous oxide through a nasal mask and usually start feeling calmer within minutes. Nitrous oxide also wears off quickly, so you can return to your normal routine.

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Dental anxiety is a common and real issue for many patients. Sometimes an audio and/or video distraction may be just what you need.

Each dental chair has a ROKU TV. Our patients get their own remote with a headphone jack and can choose from a variety of videos, movies, and TV shows.