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EVERYONE WANTS A perfect smile, but stains, discoloration, wear, chips, misalignment, gaps, and other issues can get in the way of our smile goals. As your cosmetic dentist in Kalispell, Great Northern Dental Care can help. We offer a variety of cosmetic dentistry services to our patients in and around Kalispell so that they can feel confident when showing off their gorgeous smiles.

What Is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is dental treatment that focuses on improving the appearance of the teeth. There are several different approaches we can take, depending on the individual patient’s goals and needs.

Dazzle With Teeth Whitening

There are several different ways to whiten your teeth and the results vary greatly. Every patient is unique and the ability to significantly lighten the shade of your teeth varies by each patient.

teeth whitening, can leave a patient with tooth sensitivity that can be quite painful. Dr. Jarvis prefers at-home whitening systems because it allows his patients more control over how often and how long they whiten. We can design custom whitening trays that can be reused for years and we sell more affordable whitening strips that our team has found to be very comfortable and effective. Call or text Great Northern Dental Care at (406) 257-5696 to learn more about your teeth whitening options.

Beyond the Surface: Dental Veneers

For chipping or discoloration that can’t be fixed with simple whitening, veneers are a popular cosmetic dentistry option, though because they require removing some of the healthy tooth structure, Dr. Jarvis will usually recommend options like orthodontic treatment and restorations. Please schedule a consultation with us so that we can discuss which options are best for the health and appearance of your smile.

Repair Damaged Teeth With Dental Bonding

Another option is dental bonding, in which we apply a tooth-colored resin to a misshapen tooth or one that has been chipped, cracked, or damaged by decay and harden it using a special ultraviolet or laser light. We then trim, shape, and polish it to make sure it matches the rest of the smile. Bonding is a great alternative to silver fillings and it will blend in much better!


Straighten Your Smile With Clear Aligners

Sometimes the problem isn’t discoloration or damaged teeth; sometimes they’re just crooked. At Great Northern Dental Care, we can dramatically improve a poorly aligned smile with clear aligners. These aligners are a great orthodontic treatment option for patients who want a discreet solution to their poorly aligned teeth. You can get the benefits of braces without being called a “brace-face.”

How About a Smile Makeover?

Every smile is different, and so is every patient! A smile makeover is a comprehensive treatment plan to address the specific goals you have for your smile. We’re excited to help you achieve them, and the first step is to schedule an appointment! Make sure to get directions before heading our way.


Let’s get started on your smile goals!

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